A person who uses currency getting intercourse, constantly in the context of prostitution

A person who uses currency getting intercourse, constantly in the context of prostitution

trappin’ step one. adj. The fresh new act away from coping when you look at the as well as with attempting to sell medication for this new buildup out-of wide range private gain. “Yo, shortly after Larry got one to handle him or her cartels, the guy trappin’.”

treat ’em 1. to correct or face anybody that have a discovered need. To educate some body. “You betta eradicate ’em ahead of We clean out ’em.”

key step 1. “Yo Calvin. Having you to definitely secret more here with Jamie?” dos. Along with utilized as a good verb. “The thing that makes Tiffany flipping campaigns?” or “Oh, they are simply an information.”

triflin step 1. v. In order to cheat on the date or partner or even end up being good poor lover when you look at the matchmaking. “Rick! Could you be trifflin which have Jackie? Your most readily useful promise Tomeka try not to find out . . . she will opened a may on you!” dos. “Kid, Monica was straight triflin’!” 3. Somebody who try unpleasant as well as will get to your peoples anxiety.

Talking trailing a great friend’s right back, right back stabbing; somebody who wants crisis and you will provides everybody else for the on the mess

trill 1. adj. somebody who try highly regarded regarding avenue because they ‘ensure that is stays real’; arises from the language real and you may genuine. “Hey these ni##a’s was trill which means you won’t need to value nobody snitchin’.” Lyrical source: FLO RIDA – Behave like You understand my gap team iced out my personal nigga besthookupwebsites.org/chappy-review so trill my personal nigga thus trill ack like you understand

trippin 1. v./adv. (derived from “tripping” ) To do something like a person who was hallucinating otherwise for the an acid travel. To do something that anybody else select uncommon. “Woman, the reasons why you trippin . . . he is not all that!” dos. To behave in love or aggressive regarding the things or toward people. “Eh, girl! I really don’t know why the guy getting trippin on me personally when I feel away.”

trolling step 1. brand new operate away from on purpose upsetting (even though you can, you happen to be unknown) others on the internet always by the seeking cheat him or her with the convinced your is actually seriously interested in some disagreement otherwise area you are looking to make, or yourself assaulting her or him, otherwise stating impolite commentary. “David’s on line trolling for the remark part of church websites just due to the fact the guy thinks it’s fun in order to disturb men and women religious somebody.”

troop 1. letter. a long walk otherwise travels. *Even though this title is not popular any longer, it still contains stating as it has experienced play with and could become nonetheless when you look at the stream in certain contexts. “Taco Bell? That’s a beneficial troop and a half.”

truthiness step 1. letter. whenever anything seems to be, or perhaps is sensed to be true, even in the event this is simply not necessarily real.

tunnin’ step 1. v. To battle really well; fight much. A third coastline & Filthy Southern area name. “Everytime we visit an event, Jason tunnin’.”

turfin’ step one. v. turf moving or (T.U.Roentgen.F.=taking on space on the ground) definition playing with a giant area as you dance. This style of dancing are of Hyphy, Krumping, otherwise Bucking and you can was came from Oakland, California. “JJ is actually successful the battle till Rajaad already been turfin’ on that fool and got your aside.”

tweaker 1. adj. A person who is addicted to methamphetamine (crank, speed). “Sally did not sleep for more than 40 days, I will bet the woman is a beneficial tweaker.”

tweakin’ 1. v. to do something such as someone who has taken Methamphetamine. Becoming an excessive amount of hyper otherwise productive. To do something strangely.

A sexually active females

tweaking step 1. v. So you can snort or cig methamphetamine (crank, speed). In some cases individuals will carry it intervenously. “Why are your figiting much, are you tweaking once again?”

twigga 1. letter. a variation of your label ‘wigga’ (light nigga), usually found in Texas. “Jason is true twigga, he representing him or her twice wide trailers!” 2. n. a black colored person that spends Facebook and pursue the actions out-of almost every other black someone. “I simply lay each one of my twiggas up on next location to struck up tonight.”

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